Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer shopping at NYPULL

 Always on the lookout for new things I could not help but be drawn in by the sign "150 young designers".  In the past, owner, Cella Deluise  designed her own line of women's sportswear and started NYPULL nine years ago.  When asked about people's spending habits today, she responds that people are just "adjusting" to what is happening.  She has noticed men are buying but the women aren't and notes  "for the 25-35 year old, this is the first time they've experienced something like this and with the internet they can shop around and look for cheaper options so some retailers are still struggling".  But enough about that, you can turn on CNN or NY1 to hearthat forecast. Cella, like most of us still remains hopeful and even consults for a few of her young fledglings.  Her menswear picks for the summer 2011...lightweight wispy fabrics and the summer jacket with shorts.   Here are my top "likes" from NYPULL:
Made By Marshall Artist...Originally from England, this is their 2nd season in the states.
Orisue...jeans and tees from Los Angeles
Barque...LA based suiting and tees
Crossley "C" denim jeans from Italy, producing limited edition pieces lined in cotton/cashmere.

Call me crazy but I always thought the store was pronounced New York Pull but it's not. It's pronounced nipple. 
NYPULL..265 Lafayette street  212-625-2000 email:
Made by Marshall Artist cotton pants
Rear details
Nautical stripes


Gingham check with chambray
 Shirt jacket

cotton cargo shorts w/herringbone weave pattern
Made by Marshall Artist cotton sweater

Long knit cardigan



Crossley "C" denim lined in cotton/cashmere

Light wispy knitwear

Orisue jeans

Velvet quilted shoes

Quilted sneaks

Chambray and plaid
Plaid with faux leather trim


Sheer bodice dress with leather jacket
Cella's summer pick...jacket with shorts

Long printed summer dresses

Sheer tunic 

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