Monday, August 10, 2009

Tee Time

Now that it's the middle of August and summer is finally in full swing of course we have winter clothing in the stores. I never could figure that out but who am I to debate the oracles of fashion. I'm still very much in tee shirt/polo mode and don't want it to end any time soon. While most of us like the seasons of the east coast, I'd prefer to hold off on the next for a bit longer. And I love my white jeans, whether it is "in" or "out" to wear white I won't be denied the one thing that signals summer for me. Yes, I know some people say color is seasonless but I'm from the old school. I will wear white after labor day but once the temperature drops below 70...they have to go away till next Spring...or a nice winter break in the Virgin Islands.

Thanks to my friend Stu, I was able to attend MRketNY a menswear show for spring/summer 2010. So while some of you are already in Fall mode, my thoughts are already on next spring which hopefully I'll spend lying on a beach in Sardinia. Here are some of my favorite tees made to be worn loud and proud. So save the Hanes for layering underneath something and step out in something a bit more adventurous...

Bright florals splashed allover...

Or strategically placed...I love the idea of mixing florals (from tropical to small bud-like) with checks or plaids. Lots of men won't wear florals unless they're on a Hawaiian island but mixing it up with other menswear patterns just might get them out of their Fruit of the Loom's.

If you can't get him into anything floral then at least try something graphic like these zig-zag or spiral patterns...

And while these last two are definitely not for the faint of heart, there is something about them that I like. The one on the right reminds me of something Versace would have know "back in the day".

Okay so you're not a tee shirt guy, you like your polos. No problem but please be a bit more adventurous than an alligator or pony...Look for interesting details on collars, cuffs and pockets. Or even simple details like numbers or anchors can take a plain polo to the next level.

I always like pieced, solid/pattern sweater like knits.

And for those who just won't budge from tradition, you can't get any more traditional than below but at least they have some interesting collar and shoulder details...

A presto,

All tees and purple/blk polo courtesy of:
Yashi Yamamuri/Ital Wear Inc.
contact: Tarcisio Paciocco
phone: 734-207-0441

All other polos courtesy of
CODICE - Schuyler 4 Ltd.
phone: 212-752-0003