Monday, April 6, 2009


KESNER 524 Hudson Street, New York City

It was one of those rare warm days in the beginning of March that I stumbled upon KESNER. The kind that gives you a taste of Spring and then the next day it's 20 degrees again!! I did a very quick walk through and knew I had to return. It was like someone had read my mind and designed a whole Spring collection around ME!! I've always wanted to be a muse!!
Finally this week I nailed down the very busy Director of Operations, Thomas Trube and I was able to get a bit of information about KESNER.

KESNER opened in November 2008 and is a family business owned by Matthew Simon and Philip Silverman, half brothers. Previous experience: one worked for the Knicks, the other was briefly a buyer for Bloomingdale's. They couldn't seem to find one store that had the right mix of clothing they liked so they opened their own. As luck would have it, Thomas also shares their sense of style and with that these three Musketeers have found a formula that works. Thomas comes with a wealth of experience including Barney's, Puma Black, Adidas and Issey Miyake.

KESNER is small and very easy to shop with a well edited selection of items. Each season they carry about 25 designers, 10 of which are exclusive and each collection is grouped together. It is bi-level store with current merchandise upstairs and if there is any sale items left it will be on the lower level. Upon entering the downstairs den, you are transported into what feels like an exclusive menswear club with plush chairs, a sofa, floor lamps and a stocked bar.

As I've previously mentioned, the merchandise was chosen with me in mind. Unique, interesting and conservative with a twist. It's all in the details fellas!!! Clothing that fits, not tight, just a nice fit. Anyone spending 4 or more days a week in the gym is not walking around in a sack. This store is for the man who wants modern, "special" pieces that can be worn for a few seasons...investment clothing, not the "it" designer of the moment. Someone mature with a sense of style and taste. Their buying formula includes mixing established designers with a few new ones as well. This Spring 09 their lineup includes: Marchand Drapier, Burkman Brothers, Veronique Branquinho, Kris Van Assche, Tim Hamilton and Goussin to name a few.

Striped shirt with two breast pkts and epaulets...extra attention to cuffs...traditional oxford with a twist..

Waist and pocket details...and a tape measure, just in case!!

Tailored wovens that dress up or dress down in traditional patterns...contrasting collar/cuff pullover...linen with cotton pleated front...cotton with pleated bib front.

Look Ma, no buttons!! Check short sleeve with magnetic closures...eyelet shirt comes with attachable collar.

Spring jackets and trenches...

KESNER does casual with hooded cotton jacket...heathered pullover with striped tank lining...hand painted tees and assorted vees

From Burkman Brothers a line of clothing that ANY man can understand from Joe the Plumber to your favorite fashion bear. Plaids, stripes, dbl lined khaki shorts...Easy and understandable. What's not to get?

And last but far from least, my favorite category, knitwear...white perforated cotton vee worn with plaid pants... gauzy, transparent wool/cashmere knitwear.

KESNER also carries a line of leather and canvas bags and accessories all from Want Les Essentials De La Vie.
My favorite piece being the hardcover leather Ipod case which makes an excellent gift for any man.

What does the future hold for KESNER? Well, the possibility of another location as well as "the Kesner woman". For Fall 2009 they are relaunching two exclusive European menswear lines for the U.S. market. And even with that fully loaded bar, Thomas kept his lips sealed as to who they were. Humph...I wonder if I'm losing my charm?

I will definitely keep you updated on the KESNER because with all this doom and gloom it's great to know that someone is doing well. Mazoltov boys!
A presto,