Monday, March 16, 2009

Pitti Uomo Knitwear Recap

Everyone knows I have a weakness for knitwear from lightweight to chunky. Lightweight, transparent and sexy for Spring/Summer....chunky and soft for Fall/Winter outerwear inspired pieces and of course cashmere for all weights in between. YES, I'm spoiled!! I was glad to see some new looks at Pitti Uomo as well as updated old ones.

Shawl collars and double breasted models look great as I like to wear them in place of a sport jacket. Vests always make great layering pieces especially when updated with innovative stitching and detailing. Very chunky almost outerwear styles continue as does long cardigans for the fashion forward.


G.R.P. srl out of Poggio a Caiano near Florence had a nice varied collection consisting of 100% wool to... wool/merino and wool/cashmere blends. They also had a superfine wool from Australia. For the non-technical among us that just means that the fibers are longer and softer than the average wool fibers. Their collection consisted of retro inspired geometrics;

Country inspired... wool mixed with tweed or liberty print taping;

And waffle knits, sailor inspired in chunky 90% wool/10% cashmere with toggle closures.

G.R.P. srl
Tel. 39-055-879-7183

Continuing with knitwear I went to V NECK. Now the last time I wrote about V NECK, it was a "a line of rock inspired tees and knitwear". WAS being the operative word. They have spun themselves into a really hot knitwear line. Every time I went by the booth, it was packed. Luckily on my last day Dott. Ugo Bonavolta gave me a quick tour before it was time to head back to Rome.
I really LOVE this line and could wear every piece..from double breasted in boiled chunky (but not sweat inducing) double knits (wool/viscose) which function as jackets...and finally to extra fine lightweight merino. There was even British inspired collection with plaid elbow pads and detailing on collars. My favorite was the cashmere/silk/wool dip-dyed collection. Dott. Bonavolta feels the trend for the upcoming Fall season will be heavy or in between. We shall see!!! V NECK is presently only sold in small boutiques in Europe and Japan and have yet to set foot stateside. They are presently seeking a rep. Hopefully by the time Fall rolls around some smart retailer will have added them to their mix.

Vibrant blue and dip dyed...

Purple continues at V NECK and G.R.P.

Shawl collars...

Lined knitwear functions as outerwear....knitwear in place of a sport jacket...

phone: 39-0522-669361

This is the end of my Pitti Uomo Fall 2010 report. Though I can't wait to get my hands on some of these pieces for next Fall, I'm really looking forward to the end of this winter and the beginning of Spring. Hopefully it will lift our moods as well as the economy!! In the coming weeks, I will be featuring a few stores and looks for Spring 09 which you can buy now to lighten your mood.

A presto,