Sunday, July 24, 2011

TEICH- Mom and Pop Shop

Not far from Bleeker Street, the West Village’s answer to Madison Avenue is a store so not Madison Avenue...TEICH.  Only six weeks old, I was able to chat with Allison McGowan the owner of this “mom and pop” store.  This is her second store, the first being in the East Village on East 7th Street.  Juggling a six month old child, an existing store and husband you wonder why would anyone want to take on yet another obligation. Well that’s where Mom comes in.  She lives in the neighborhood and when this space came up immediately thought it would be a great second location.  Personally, I think Mom just wanted to be able to spend more time with her grandchild. 
Teich, like a mom and pop store carries a little bit of everything.  They feature mostly local (New York) brands of jewelry, handbags (designed by Allison), kids clothing, menswear, art, bath and body.  All this in 300 square feet.  It’s the perfect place to shop for unique items that you won’t find in one of the big brands and you're supporting local artists.   
Teich..22 Eighth

The reason I stopped into Teich...FlyKly

Jewelry from Ecuador by fair trade artisans.  All materials are natural like:
pambil seeds, acai seeds and tagua nuts.

Skinny Skinny a Brooklyn based bath and body  company

Grass & Clover kidswear uses vintage fabrics

Posters by a local Village artist depicting the NYC subway system.  Soon to come, maps based on subway systems in Chicago and San Francisco.

Bags by Allison

Silk screened pillows

Colorful cotton/linen scarves

Accessories from TAGSMITH
Menswear from Gilbert Lewis

Jewelry from Studio DuArte

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FlyKly at TEICH

Me being a Vespa aficionado I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this gleaming white bike in the window of TEICH.  Was this a new breed of Vespa? A prop?  Why is it in the window of an accessory store?  I was confused, so many questions swirling around my tiny brain. This would not due.  I had to find out exactly what it was.  Allison the owner of  TEICH, along with her husband J.J. gave me the rundown.  They informed me that it’s the hottest new electric bicycle from FLYKLY, which happens to be owned by a friend of theirs.   Unlike a Vespa, no license is required and as of this printing you can still use it in the bike lanes.   Max speed on this baby is 20 mph; it gets up to 40 miles on one charge; has a removable lithium battery which’s means you can charge it anyplace you’d charge your smart phone; and it’s so cute.  Be green and still arrive at work cool as a cucumber instead of needing another shower from pedaling in NYC sweltering streets or waiting on the sauna like platform of the subway.  And there’s room enough for two.  If nothing else it’ll be a great conversation starter.
Visit the FlyKly store in Nolita at 19 Kenmare or go to their website for more info. 

More on TEICH in a moment...