Monday, January 5, 2009


For better or worse the holidays are over. Some of you are relieved while others are a bit sad. And now it's time to make that trek to the store to return all those unwanted gifts from relatives with no taste and buy something you REALLY want. Help revive the economy and that apartment of yours by doing a bit of retail therapy. And what better place to add a bit of style to your abode whether humble or sprawling, than FLAIR located in Soho at 88 Grand Street between Wooster and Greene. As a non designer I describe Flair as Art Deco~Retro~Modern but no matter whether you are an antique lover, someone more contemporary or ultra sleek and modern, you can find something to complement your particular style.

Jon and George the owners, used to work for Coach which took them to Florence a few times a year. They were always sure to make a pitstop at Flair in Piazza Scarlatti. These trips lead to a friendship with the owners Franco and Alessandra and eventually a partnership by opening the NY store. Imagine taking something you LOVE and making it into a paying profession!! What a concept!

I find it so difficult to find tasteful objects to fill my duplex loft (A boy can dream can't he!) but these plaster figures cast in ancient molds will do the trick and are so reminiscent of my life in Italy. Ah bella Italia!!

Boxes in all shapes, sizes and exotic materials such as brass & nickel, etched horn, lacquer & horn, bone w/ebony tiles or stingray skin always make great gifts and you can never have enough storage for chotchkes.

Brighten that room which faces that dark alley with conversation sparking lighting fixtures: wall standing polished horn...table or even these made from the shells of real tortoises not only brighten but add exotic beauty.

Give that bed, sofa or chair an instant makeover with pillows made from vintage couture fabrics.

Add seating with chairs and benches like this refinished original Hans Wegner redone in custom print David Hicks fabric; or deco inspired Demitrio chairs also available in sofa or love seat; vintage deco club chairs covered in satin; or go safari with animal skin benches.

Vases and votives in crystal, murano glass, metal or selinite (think inside of Superman's lair).

Flair also produces its own line of products including candles, lamps, chairs and vases. Jon and George who travel several times a year to France and Italy will also do some scouting for you if there is something special you are looking for. So whether you have some extra cash to spend, are looking for that special gift or just out to get a few decorating tips, put Flair at the top of your list. ( 212-274-1750).