Friday, May 20, 2011

Josh Hadar Designs

Eco-Luxe modeled after a Coach bag

If you happen to be in Soho and see a guy bending steel using a subway entrance or fire hydrant as leverage it's probably Josh Hader.  This is part of Josh’s effort to be eco-conscious from start to finish.  His company HADAR METAL DESIGNS is “an eco-conscious design group that creates one-of-a-kind custom bikes and environmental installations.”   His tools run on solar energy and everything is made by a sustainable method.
These bikes are functional (solar or gas) and yet still, works of art.  The sculptures are works of art that serve as energy gatherers.   All are bio-morphic designs, part living and part mechanical.  “No one ever crossed the street to look at a Prius” so he makes sure that his eco-designs are decadent, sexy and luxurious.  Definitely worth a second look or a walk across the street.
Josh's show, The Evolution Of Steel can be viewed at 285 Lafayette Street until May 27th. See/read more about Josh at

Solar Powered Tricycle goes about 22hrs on a charge

Christy Lynn

Vascular steel casing surrounds heart/gas tank
Eric's Teardrop

Richard The Lionhearted

Photovoltaic Acasia Tree to replace boring solar panels

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