Thursday, August 11, 2011

MRketNY Trade Show - Spring/Summer 2012 AGE OF WISDOM

Visiting the MRktNY Spring 2012 show at the Javits it was nice to see some of the vendors I had previously profiled.  I decided to do a follow up on my picks to see where they were now and how they were dealing with the woes of the economy.

My first stop was to see Allison Basile, designer and Vice President at AGE OF WISDOM.  When I first profiled Age Of Wisdom it was basically a young men’s sportswear line with lots of cloud washes and unique dyeing techniques.  It has evolved into more of a contemporary menswear line; cleaner and sophisticated with more “menswear” patterns.  Allison notes that selling contemporary is a bit risky because stores want “different” but if different doesn’t sell they blame the designer.   I’ve noted that even in the big menswear department stores they all look the same. No one wants to take a chance on “new” unless “new” already has a 2 season sellout track record.  It’s a tough line to walk and I give these smaller brands a lot of credit for remaining optimistic and trying to offer new, exciting product that stores still consider wearable and saleable.   But the upside,  Age Of Wisdom has grown from being in 35 specialty stores to over 300!! Brava!!!  

Abstract jacquard
Overdyed gingham w/jacquard taping
Textured jacquard
All over flocking
Printed chambray

Jacquard stripes w/snap buttons

Crinkled cotton 

Embroidered clip fabric
Paisley snake washed cord

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