Thursday, August 5, 2010

MRketNY Spring/Summer 2011 continued (accessories)

Do you have a sports fanatic in the family?  Someone who’d rather buy a bench from an old stadium than get the hot water tank fixed; eat peanut butter and jelly to save for a piece of memorabilia which you consider God awful? Do I have the solution for you…TOKENS & ICONS…recycled nostalgia.
Jewelry from baseball seam
Now admittedly, sports especially team sports do nothing for me.  I am a team player just not that way!! But combine team sports with jewelry and/or some necessary household item and I’m game.

TOKENS & ICONS takes pre-existing items from salvaged sports arenas or about to be scrapped icons and makes them into pens, bottle openers, cufflinks and other manly items.  This is jewelry your husband/bf/partner will be happy to brag about because he’s wearing a piece of history. And this is not only for sports fans…they also use remnants from iconic items such as vintage watches or the fuselage of a Pan Am jet.  So your boss loves baseball, what better way to brown nose than with cufflinks made from the seams of a NY Yankee baseball; a bottle opener made from a Boston Red Sox bat; a wallet divider using the material of a used uniform (It was Fabreezed, I hope).

If he/she prefers vintage watches, why not kiss up with links using the mechanical
movements from the early to mid 20th century or a bracelet made from authentic watch faces. With sterling cufflinks from a Notre Dame football or a classic pen made from original stadium seating, you might just get those Manolo’s you’ve had your eye on. 

Tokens & Icons can be found at MOMA, Michael C. Fina, Arcadia or at…for more info contact

Stadium seating
Pan American fuselage
Stadium flooring becomes a stool
Golf anyone?...bottle openers
Copper window sash from NY's Flatiron Bldg
Vintage watch becomes cuff links
Uniform becomes wallet divider
Seating becomes opener

NY Times puzzle links
Seats become openers

Puzzle ring in tri-color
Ring in pieces

Jewel tones
If sports and memorabilia is not your thing, I have yet another solution, SONIA SPENCER ENGLAND.  Sonia has been in business for twenty-two years and is sold in stores such as Selfridges, John Lewis, Michael C. Fina and at the Royal Academy of Art.  This was her
first time at the MrketNY Show and is also launching a collection from Pantone. Yes, Pantone, the pantone that you use to design your color palette has a collection of knit ties in satin/silk and a colorful selection of cufflinks and other men's accessories. Sonia's ceramic bone china cufflinks are also worth a look as they make great gifts even if you don't wear cufflinks. These are definitely more my speed!! You must check out her website for a look at the some of the best “occasion” gift selections including gifts for groomsmen. 

Ceramic bone

Ceramic bone

Naughty boy links


Pantone links

Pantone links

Pantone links and key fobs

Changeable color combos
Collar stays
Pantone ties

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