Thursday, June 11, 2009


Okay, so it's been awhile and I should have done this in time for Mother's~Father's Day but what can I say. I've been in a slump!! But gift giving ocassions always abound so here are two places which will give you some great gift options. And of course treating yourself to a little treat never hurt either. Head down to Thompson street in Soho. My first stop was LePage at 72 Thompson. www. 212-966-2646

If you'd like to add some color to your home but don't want to be overwhelmed...try one many items at LePage. Cec LePage sculpts clear or frosted Lucite into vases, candle holders, flowers, furniture and other objects d'art. As you enter the store you see a rainbow of beautiful colors. Upon further inspection, you realize most of the items are clear or frosted and it's only the sides that are painted with a sun and water safe pigment formula to give it color. Shapes are curvy and sensuous geometrics inspired by women, music and the raw energy of New York. Many pieces are based on the female form which may subconsciously be the reason why Cec has such a big male following.
Objects d'art, vases, candle holders and lamps...

Bud vase...the thermometer...the beaker...

A crayola box of color options.

Clear or frosted from the front....color impact from the side.

One of my favorite pieces was the Obama Sculpture. I asked Cec what the sculpture represents and this was her response "When President Obama was nominated to rule our country, this sculpture was born. Elated with the news I awoke the next morning ran to my studio and proceeded to sketch out my inspiration. A new dawn, one of hope was about to begin. The artwork in colors in the B represents the red, white and blue of our flag. The chocolate signifies a new multi racial consciousness that our country will experience. The transparent rod piercing the O symbolizes the transparency of government he promised to deliver.

Well I'm with you lady...a new day, a new dawn, some hope and faith is exactly what we need!!

Across the street for LePage is MEG COHEN DESIGN SHOP at 59 Thompson. 212-966-3733 My friend Kate turned me on to this one.

Vintage is not my thing but even I found a few interesting items. Meg Cohen is not just a store, it's an art gallery/showroom/laboratory. Meg mainly specializes in cashmere accessories (scarves, hats, gloves)which are sold worldwide including Paul Smith, Ron Herman and Fred Segal in the U.S. Her collection is set amongst vintage objects she has collected over the years. Meg loves owning a store noting that is has turned out to be more fun than she expected. Having a store allows her to experiment with different concepts and if something doesnt' work she simply takes it back home.

Lt weight cashmere and cashmere blends...the striped skinny scarf

Hats, gloves....The Patty Scarf

Home furnishings...

Globes...vintage cookbooks and mexican tops...

Vintage letter necklace and mens' cufflinks that snap together....

Meg is currently showing a group of photos, paintings and drawings by five artists called Magical Realism. She has also recently started carrying a collection of conversation sparking hair accessories called BEAUXAIR, a collaboration between Alex Wolf, artist/designer, and Kurt Rausch, florist. (

And when your done with Meg Cohen Design Shop you'll find yourself across from 60 Thompson, one of New York's newest boutique hotels. Stop in for a bite to eat at Kittichai (Thai) or just rest your dogs at Thom Bar.

Well that's all for now folks. Get to shopping and stimulating our economy.... case you did not know, if you click on the photo it enlarges. It enlarges VERY BIG because I have not yet figured out how to make it smaller though there is a way. I'm a work in progress :)

A presto,

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