Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pitti Uomo Part II - Bags and shirtings

Next up from Denmark was MISMO, bags and accessories designed by Rikke and Adam. Working and living together has paid off for this couple as they are celebrating their third season. Of course living and working together is not all fun and games. It can lead to endless discussions as to where to put a rivet! But whatever they are doing, they are creating a beautiful line of canvas and leather bags and accessories.

Their products are so meticulously designed that they do not change from season to season, but each piece remains a modern "refined classic for a vibrant lifestyle". It all starts with natural dyed vegetable leather which is specially developed for them. Because it is natural it tends to wear well over time so each MISMO(meaning myself or yourself in Spanish) piece develops it's own distinct look even if they are the same style. Their philosophy is "real luxury arises from the choices made - about what to subtract and what should remain".

I loved the "Stamina" computer bag, (which happens to be their bestseller) just big enough for a MacBook and a few extra items. It also comes in a larger version, the "Herald" will hold laptops with 17" screens. Just in time as the new Apple 17" MacBook pro just came out and I am in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I spent 2 hours in the store with the saleswoman showing me all these features I just had to have to make my computing life easier. Go, look, play...dream!! I digress....With extras such as adjustable/removable shoulder straps, pen holders, zip pockets and pockets for phones and adapters these computer bags are not only simply beautiful but also functional. Leather colors are anthracite (dark grey), desserto (tan) and black.


If you are so attached to your present computer bag that parting with it is out of the question, go for the "Vega" leather laptop protector in 13", 15" or 17" sizes.

Mismo also has a line of canvas bags (overnight, shopper, tote and sleeve) with full grain leather straps and detailing. Personally I never found those white/cream canvas bags appealing. Maybe they just seemed too boxy or not "city" appropriate for my tastes. But for some reason the shape and vibrant colors of Mismo made me reconsider. Current canvas colors are army green, navy and curry. All the bags are water-resistant as Adam proved by pouring a glass of water onto one of them. The leather collection is currently only sold in Japan and Scandinavia but I'm hoping to see them stateside soon!! The canvas collection can be ordered at a London based operation which will ship overseas.

In addition to their basic line there are also a line of limited edition products as well as wallets and card cases. Go to to see all the Mismo offerings.

After Mismo I tried to stop by POGGIANTI 1958, a collection of shirtings designed and produced in Italy. As was the case the last time I saw them, their booth was packed. This extensive collection of traditional (with a twist) to novelty shirtings has very little recognition in the U.S. (Boyds in Philadelphia) but is sold extensively abroad in such places as Raspini in Florence (one of my favorites)...Harvey Nicols in Dubai....Cruise boutiques in London.

Still lots of purple and purple hues...turned up cuffs with contrasting fabric...slimmer silhouettes for denim...embroidered denim...

Now let's get back to my 15" MacBook Pro. I felt like I was in a dream when I left the 5th Ave Apple bubble. All those features swirling around my head. The portability for my James Bond on the go lifestyle, so thin, so chic... Then it hit me...why don't I find a new job first before going out to spend money on a laptop which I don't really need. Plus, unlike 007, I'm not jetting around the continent (yet!!) I'm only going as far as my unlimited metro card will take me. But at least for a few hours the thoughts of recession, doom and gloom were gone. And I encourage you to go out and find something you really like to do...pick up a brochure for that Greek Isle vacation...try on a new pair of shoes...see what you want for Spring...or just go to a museum. Yes, you can dream a little!!! It doesn't cost a thing.

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