Monday, December 8, 2008

Oliver's Holiday Gift Ideas

Those who know me can vouch that antique shopping is something I don't do. For the most part, I like sleek, modern (Italian) and right off the assembly line. But being the good friend that I am when Toby asked me to go shopping I said yes. Well imagine my surprise when at more & more antiques [378 Amsterdam at 78th 212-580-8404] I was able to score several Holiday gifts.

I may not be buying alot of gifts this year but I do want the ones I purchase to be special. During this holiday season, I know everyone is not expecting a gift but I'd like to do something, so giving the family pet a nicely wrapped treat I'm sure will suffice. And since most family pets are treated more like the family child, why not choose these all natural doggie treats. Made from peanut butter, oatmeal and honey they will have Fido or Fifi wagging their tails with delight. Choose from Poochi Sushi Canine California Roll or the Twelve Dogs of Christmas biscuits. And for those pampered pets who only eat home cookin'...the You Bake 'Em Dog Biscuits cookbook (treats are $17...cookbook is $12.95).

For those who like to cook for real people, a place setting of colorful iridescent dinner napkins. In cocktail or buffet size ($12 and$18) they will add a bit of elegance and cheer to any table whether it seats two or six. And for that traveling gal pal of yours, what's better than a few pair of shoe travel bags.

And for the last minute tree trimming party why not choose from one of these great items. Designed by an ex-merchant from Saks these Asian themed ornaments will add a bit of far eastern flair to any tree. Choose from emperor, empress, temple, kitty and dragon among others.

For the little tyke in the family or your favorite paleontologist, I loved more's assortment of dinosaur ornaments ($36-$42).

For the florist or gardener in the group a beautiful arrangement of floral ornaments ranging from hydrangeas, amaryllis, paper whites, poppies and others. ($30-$44)

And what better way to seal the deal than with these handmade, one of a kind three dimensional gift cards from another fashion professional. I guess when things are slow, fashion industry professionals create cards and ornaments($12-$16)...Maybe there is hope for me yet!!



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